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OOC - Sock Profile

Name: Shannon Blake
Age: 16
Religion: Catholic
Appearance: Shannon is on the short side with long golden-blonde hair she ties into pigtails. Her clothing gives her an anime schoolgirl aesthetic, and sometimes she wears a little lip gloss and mascara.

Tim and Kathy - parents
Sisters: Marissa (20), Tiffany and Marie (13), Jane (6)
Brothers: Mike (14), Brad (11), Randy (9), Louis (3)
Dog - Astrid, St. Bernard, age 5

Favorite foods: Scalloped potatoes, oreos
Least favorite food: Sardines
Cooking skills: A+ in baking, D everywhere else
Best recipe: Chocolate chip cookies

Height: 5'2
Bust size: C
State of bedroom: Fairly neat. Not always so well-organized but there's enough floor space and not too much clutter. Her diaries and notebooks are kept in a secret box under her bed.
Nightwear: A short pink nightie in summer, thick cotton eyelet nightgown and thermal leggings in the winter.
Underwear: Pretty bras and panties in pastel colors.
Relationship Status: Single, hoping to find Mr. Right sometime.
Virgin? Yes

Personality: Shannon is fairly childish and naive and easily flustered, but not to an extreme degree. She gets alone well enough with her large family but finds them a bit much, being an introverted sort. When people give her a hard time she either brushes it off sadly or pities them for lacking imagination and soul. Though she's generally a sweet girl, she tends to come off as innocently insensitive and tends to get lost in her own world a bit too much. She also holds pretty high standards for romances, holding out on getting a serious boyfriend until she finds "the one". She has some flashes of maturity, though, sharing some budding Yamato Nadeshiko traits with Julia.


*Sailor Moon; favorite character is Makoto, least favorite is anime!Seiya, OTPs are Usagi/Mamoru and Nephrite/OC, NoTP is Seiya/Usagi
*Revolutionary Girl Utena; favorite character is Tatsuya, least favorite is Ruka, OTP is Wakaba/Tatsuya, NoTP is Saionji/Wakaba
*Fushigi Yuugi; favorite character is Hotohori, least favorite is Tenkou, OTP is Miaka/Tamahome, NoTP is Yui/Suboshi
*Fire Emblem Elibe; favorite character is Priscilla, least favorite is Erik, OTP is Hector/Florina, NoTP is Sonia/Brendan
*Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones; favorite character is Tana, least favorite is Valter, OTP is Innes/Vanessa, NoTP is Valter/Eirika
*Fire Emblem Tellius; favorite character is Gatrie, least favorite is Shinon, OTPs are Naesala/Leanne and Gatrie/OC, NoTP is Soren/Ilyana
*Fire Emblem Awakening; favorite characters are Frederick and Sumia, least favorite is Walhart, OTPs are Frederick/Avatar and Nah/Morgan, NoTP is Chrom/Cordelia
*Fire Emblem Fates; favorite characters are Kaze and Kagerou, has no least favorite yet, OTP is Oboro/Takumi, has no NoTP yet
*Girl Meets World; favorite character is Riley, least favorite is the principal, OTP is Riley/Lucas, NoTP is requited!Josh/Maya
*Boy Meets World; favorite character is Topanga, has no least favorite, OTP is George/Leila, NoTP is Jack/Rachel
*Bob's Burgers; favorite character is Tina, least favorites are Tammy and Hugo, OTP is Tina/any of her crushes, NoTP is Louise/Logan
*Cardcaptor Sakura; favorite character is Sakura, has no least favorite, OTP is Sakura/Syaoran, NoTP is Tomoyo/Eriol
*Ace Attorney; favorite character is Maya, least favorite is Manfred von Karma, OTP is Gumshoe/Maggey, NoTP is Gant/Lana
*Twilight (guilty pleasure); favorite character is Jacob, least favorite is Edward, OTP is Alice/Jasper, NoTP is Edward/Bella
*Avatar: The Last Airbender; favorite character is Sokka, least favorite is Ozai, OTP is Aang/Katara, NoTP is Jet/Katara
*Chobits; favorite character is Hideki, least favorite is Kojima, OTP is Yumi/Ueda, NoTP is Yumi/Hideki

Shannon crushes hard on fictional guys but not with the immaturity of Lucy or batshittery of Patrick. Her OTPs tend towards crushes with a high success rate or innocent onesided admiration, lacking the sense of entitlement of Heather or the love of tragedy Molly and Syrius have. Her favorite female characters are the dreamy romantic sorts. Her least favorite characters are entitled jerks who make people with crushes look bad, and her least favorite pairs are when the characters bring out the worst in each other, lack any passion or smack of entitlement being the reason they're together.

She admits to writing self-insert fanfiction to satisfy her id's craving for fantastical romances. Other than that, she leans towards fluffy drabbles and the occasional multipart, and every now and then surprises her readers with shameless porn of a less than vanilla kind.